Pressure Relief Valve Cap

Pressure Relief Valve Cap

Stop trying to guess how much your tire pressure will increase as the tire temperature increases. Just set the tires to your desired pressure and let these relief valves automatically vent excess pressure as you race.

How it works…

An overpressure valve is located in the Pressure Relief Valve Cap for releasing air from the tire when the air pressure in the tire exceeds a predetermined level.

Find the correct tire pressure setting for your vehicle on the label inside the driver’s door or trunk lid. ;o)

Buy the Pressure Relief Valve Cap for the correct pressure in our Shop.

Unscrew your tire’s valve stem cap and screw the Pressure Relief Valve Cap directly onto the valve stem securely, using your fingers only. Don’t overtighten!


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to install
  • No tools required

The Pressure Relief Valve Cap is designed to fit schrader type valves.

Two sizes Pressure Relief Valve Caps are available:

  • Small = Gocart and upto small size formula car. (max rim size 8"x13")
  • Large = Touring Car, GT Car and large size formula car.

Check out our Shop for available pressure presettings.

The last 3 digits in partnumber indicates pressure settings in bar. fx. L-PRVC240 = 2.40Bar